Create a Harmonious Aquatic Environment with EDA-Aquatic Design Services

EDA-Aquatics offers a complete suite of Design and Support services for all industries we serve to guide you through the complex logistics of large-scale development projects in today’s complex environment. We specialize in facility retrofits and new construction that promotes more efficient operation and production, improved effluent water quality, reduced water resource requirements and improved climate resilience and animal welfare.

Project Development

We conduct predesign activities that include the development of site criteria documents, performing site evaluations, preparing alternative analysis and feasibility studies, all to ensure your project has a strong technical and financial foundation to work from. We will work closely with you and your team to produce the necessary documents to engage in fund- raising activities that are in alignment with your sourcing goals.


EDA-Aquatics will ensure that the environmental permitting for your project is achievable based on your production goals, available resources and local permitting constraints. We will engage with permitting agencies to complete and attain the appropriate environmental permits for your project. We understand the balance between discharge permits limitations and operational cost, and we will work to ensure an appropriate solution for your project.

Detailed Design

We work closely with our clients to understand current conditions, project goals and budget. These are the underlying criteria that drive our detailed design and construction sequencing details. Our phased design approach allows for client review and approval of design and budget at critical design points to ensure we maintain alignment with the project goals. All our work is carefully coordinated with civil, mechanical, electrical and HVAC requirements to promote seamless integration during installation.

Contracting Options

We will work through a variety of construction contracting option to determine the best option for your needs and develop strategic project construction sequencing with intermediate milestones and objectives that allow for quality assurance and controlled asset allocations. We often work directly for the Owner but can also be contracted under the Mechanical Engineers scope for more complex projects.

Owner Representative

Our unique experience in the industries we serve affords us the opportunity to act as an “Owners Rep” in many cases. We have experience working with most major RAS Design/Build (DB) companies and can navigate your company through this entire DB process, ensuring that your unique requirements are maintained and executed.


During the construction phase we will often support with submittal review, quality control, construction supervision and commissioning. This engagement is a continuous effort to ensure the design intent and client requirements are maintained or exceeded throughout the entire construction process.

Training and Operational Services

Once your project is turned over to you, we will ensure that your team is properly trained to ensure that your system performs at its highest efficiency. Production supervision over the first year of operation can help ensure that the potential of your project is realized, and the systems are optimized to their highest potential. Annual audits on the system’s performance are key to understanding if your facility is being operated properly and what management or technical changes could best improve the bottom line.

Automation, Data Collection and (AI) Integration

EDA-Aquatics integrates monitoring, automated control and data collection on all projects to improve operational efficiencies through the integration of trending and machine learning.

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